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Co-working Space

  • Main Hall
  • Bamboo Corner
  • Banyan Circle
  • Orchid Place
  • Ruang Khao

Private Office

  • Cattleya Room (4-6 persons, 24 m2)
  • Lily Room (3-4 persons, 17 m2)
  • Orchid Place Room (2-3 persons, 9 m2)
  • Palm 1 Room (1-2 persons, 8 m2)
  • Palm 2 Room (1-3 persons, 7 m2)
  • Palm 3 Room (3-4 persons, 13 m2)
  • Palm 4 Room (3-5 persons, 16 m2)
  • Pikul Room (4-6 persons, 19 m2)
  • Tulip Room (2-4 persons, 13 m2)
  • Vanda Room (5-8 persons, 37 m2)

Meeting Room

  • Cattleya Room Room (8-12 persons)
  • Lily Room (4-5 persons)
  • Palm 1 Room (4-6 persons)
  • Palm 2 Room (4-6 persons)
  • Palm 3 Room (6-8 persons)
  • Palm 4 Room (8-12 persons)
  • Pikul Room (6-10 persons)
  • Rose Room (6-8 persons)
  • Tulip Room (4-6 persons)
  • Vanda Room (10-15 persons)
  • Jasmine Room (40-80 persons)

Conference Room​

  • Khao Hom1 Room (78-170 persons)
  • Khao Hom2 Room (40-80 persons)
  • Khao Hom3 Room (20-40 persons)
  • Jasmine Room (40-80 persons)

Co-working Space

Our Main Hall consists of space suitable for individual working and group working. Together with the working space, we also provide some relaxing place such as “Banyan Circle” and “Orchid Place”. Collection of books and magazines in the fields of travelling, sports, natural science and engineering are gathered in corners of this area.

Private Office

Lily Room is prepared for ones who need privacy for working. You can have management facility with supporting staff nearby. A waiting area for your guests is available in the terrace area of the Main Hall.

Cattleya Room is a private office set for 4-6 persons. It can be converted to be a meeting space in a relaxing location of waterfall view, together with a pantry for setting up a brake. Besides, you can greet your guests in the terrace area by the waterfall.

Meeting / Conference Room

A middle size meeting room for 6-15 persons is available. Rose Room located in the Main Hall, is suitable for 6-8 persons. Vanda Room, located in the Orchid Place with a nice waterfall view, is suitable for 10-15 persons. Both rooms are well equipped with meeting facilities.

Jasmine Room is designed to be a conference room for around 90 persons and can be converted into a workshop or class for 50 persons. Presentation facilities together with audio visuals are available. It can also be used as a studio for recording a program via Facebook live or YOUTUBE.